Flushing Chrome DNS Cache

TL;DR? Go straight to the bottom for the meat.

After moving my blog over to Ghost, I decided to signup for a free CloudFlare account and put the blog behind it. I also moved my domain from the namecheap over to CloudFlare.

The propagation took about 20 or so minutes and then justinself.com was working. I started working on some miscellaneous migration items when suddenly justinself.com was a NameCheap parking page. I refrehed so fast, I'm pretty sure I was giving the mantis shrimp a run for it's money (Fun fact: The mantis shrimp strikes its prey faster than a .22 caliber bullet). However, the refreshing didn't help.

Ok, so the propagation wasn't complete and I was hitting some stale cache somewhere. I decided to just wait until the next day to finish.

Next day, I load up my browser and point to my site and I get the parking page again. I opened the browser on my phone and I got straight to my blog. #@$%!WHY YOU NO WORK

Ok, so maybe Windows was caching the entry. I popped open powershell, typed ipconfig /flushdns and refreshed the page. Still have the parking page.

Thinking through it, my phone was on 4G and not going through my router. So I opened the admin interface for my router and looked for a setting to flush it's cache... couldn't find anything. So I just restarted it.

On a side note, I don't know how long the average router takes to restart, but I'm pretty sure mine is in the 99.9 percentile. It might have been faster to order one off of amazon, get it delivered and set it up than to restart...

After waiting around the lifespan of a field mouse, I jumped on chrome and checked my site... parking page!!!

Checked my phone again, still good!

Who the heck is caching?!

I sat back in my chair while my beagle chased my doberman up and down the stairs and tried to think what could be happening.

I suddenly remembered a presentation I watched on chrome. The presentation talked about how chrome performed DNS resolution as you typed in the address. Does chrome have it's own cache?

Mother Francis... it does... to clear chrome's DNS cache go to chrome://net-internals/#dns. After going there and clicking on Clear Host Cache, I tried my site and finally reached my blog.